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Portfolio Administration Services

Our Management Service suits clients that are looking for assistance with their investments on an ongoing basis, require a professional advice in relation to wealth creation strategies, or would rather spend their time doing things other than directly managing, administering and staying on top of the many governing rules and or paperwork.

Clients that retain us for this service are essentially engaging a professional manager to help run their investment account, cost effectively and in the best interests of each individual.

The administration of the Investment Account is a component of the Management Service and involves the accurate recording of financial information and transactions undertaken. It is performed on a daily basis rather than at year end. This secures improved ability to manage and monitor compliance by specialist rather than generalist staff, consistent achievement of timelines in meeting regulatory requirements, improved ability to tax plan, and a significantly reduced work load for clients (or their accountants) at year end.

Some of the key benefits and costs of these particular services are outlined below:

[ Tracking and record keeping of all movements in and out of the funds cash account(s).
[ Providing advice in relation to investment strategies and fund objectives.
[ Account for investment income and capital gains in the fund.
[ Construction of appropriate investment portfolios, having regard to the circumstances and investment objectives.
[ Ongoing advice in relation to investments covering rights issues, bonus issues, dividend reinvestment plans,
        mergers, acquisitions, and issue of new securities etc.
[ Share dealings will be charged at a reduced rate but costs will be subject to our choice of broker.
[  Provision of a completed set of financial statements in a form suitable for audit. Supporting documentation will
         be made available to the Auditors. Theses document will need to taken to your choice of Accountant in town
         for the lodgement of your annual Taxation Return.
[ Collection and banking of fund income, pending payout or reinvestment.
[ Quarterly reports showing a summary of transactions, investments, movements therein and a review of the
         portfolio in light of the economic and investment outlook.
[    Assistance with nominated income drawing
[    Assistance with quires from your accountant should the need arise