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In 2008 Mark Dowling setup and created Life Insurance and Super Pty Ltd .  His initial main aim was to "overcome the significant lack of under insurance currently in Australia" using his 10 plus years of experience at that time, and his knowledge of the life insurance and financial planning industry and his excellent customer service skills to assist the local community.

After 12 successful years being managing director of the company in 2020 he succumbed to the effects of a rare form of an auto immune condition called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) which attacked his eyes and subsequently caused permanent blindness in both eyes.  No longer being able to perform the role as a financial planner for Life Insurance and Super Pty Ltd he passed his place in the company over to his business partner, Gary Cutler who is continuing with Mark's legacy..


Mark Dowling Grad Dip FP, Adv. DP FP, Dip Fin, Cert IV ACC, MAICD, SSA™ Tax Agent

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